The advantages of clear aligners over traditional braces

Apr 19, 2024
Image by Freepik

For patients searching for a seamless and effective approach to orthodontic treatment without traditional braces, clear aligners such as Invisalign and ClearCorrect are a convenient alternative.

While traditional braces have been the industry standard in orthodontics for over a century, clear aligners have grown in popularity over the last few decades, offering patients a convenient and effective alternative to the wires and brackets of yesteryear. 

A beautiful smile is priceless. And while traditional braces and other appliance-based orthodontic treatments are recommended for treating complex malocclusions or "bad bites," clear aligners offer the benefits of orthodontic treatment without the commitment of metal appliances for the course of treatment. 

Clear aligners can be used to treat a wide range of dental problems, including crowding, crooked teeth, gaps and malaligned bites. 

For adults and teens eligible for orthodontic treatment with clear aligners, Invisalign and ClearCorrect offer a more comfortable, convenient and aesthetically appealing course of treatment. Here five benefits of clear aligners over traditional braces: 

1. Appearance

Clear aligners are virtually invisible, elimitating the visual concerns of orthodontic treatment with traditional braces. With clear aligners, patients can enjoy the ease and confidence of a beautiful, clear smile even while undergoing orthodontic treatment. While braces are a common and popular treatment, the commitment to wires and brackets can still dissuade some patients from receiving orthodontic treatment. With aligners like Invisalign and ClearCorrect, this is no longer a concern.

2. Comfort

While clear aligners are not entirely imperceptible during treatment, they are more comfortable than traditional braces, eliminating the need for dental wax and bypassing pokey wires. 

3. Commitment 

Although clear aligners are required to be worn for 22-24 hours per day to ensure proper and effective treatment, patients can eat what they want when they want — simply removing aligners during mealtime. No need to avoid sticky and crunchy foods during the course of treatment (although we always recommend avoiding sugary, sticky substances for oral health)! 

4. Hygiene 

It is much easier to maintain proper oral hygiene with clear aligners, eliminating the need to floss inbetween brackets and wires, further reducing the risk of discoloration. With traditional braces, extra care must be taken to maintain excellent oral hygiene to avoid discoloration and other potential damages to the teeth. While good oral hygiene is possible and even expected with traditional braces, flossing and brushing is easier and more convinient with clear aligners. 

5. Speed

While treatment times vary depending on the dental issues being targetted with orthodontic treatment, clear aligners can present patients with a new, beautiful smile sometimes faster than traditional braces! With clear aligners, patients can achieve desired results in as little as 6 months. 



Clear aligners are a convenient and effective alternative to traditional braces for correcting crowding, gaps, crooked teeth and malaligned bites without the commitment of metal appliances. For patients interested in achieving a beautiful smile without braces, we recommend making a consultation to see if you are elligible for treatment with clear aligners!